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Apply for funding for external courses

For NIG PhD members, NIG has implemented a funding scheme to attend international elective courses. PhD members may apply for a reimbursement of costs up to 500 euros for an external course. This grant can be applied for through the application form, if the conditions below are met.

  • Applicants must be a PhD member of NIG at the time on which the funded course is scheduled.
  • The course to be funded has to fit in the education and career development of a PhD candidate in Public Administration / Political Science.
  • The course is offered by an institution outside the Netherlands / Belgium. Exceptions can only be made with prior approval of the NIG management.
  • Courses at a university where the applicant is based are not eligible for funding under this scheme.
  • Applicants must have successfully completed at least three courses in the NIG curriculum, and the total of awarded credits for NIG courses must amount to minimum 9 EC. Both conditions need to be fulfilled for funding. Exceptions can only be made with prior approval of the NIG management, for example in case of a scheduled attendance of a core curriculum course in the near future.
  • A PhD member may receive a maximum of 500 euros under this scheme during their membership. Each course can only be funded with a single grant.
  • The grant may cover necessary expenses for course fees, travel, and accommodation.
  • The NIG management assesses the grant applications and determines the funding.