Assistant Professor Sociology

We are looking for an assistant professor in Sociology, specialized in labour- and/or urban studies. We are looking for someone interested in the field of the gig economy in urban areas; ranging from Airbnb and Uber to small-scale, local initiatives, such as bike-sharing. This specific kind of economic production has grown over the past few years and raises questions about the functioning of the economy as well as the governance of urban areas. Preferably, the candidate is already an expert in the gig economy and has extensive knowledge about local economies in cities (for example, knowledge about the sharing economy, technology and work and non-standard employment relationships). However, you can also apply if your expertise lies in one of these areas and you are interested in extending it. Furthermore, you have a broad understanding of recent theoretical developments. You will be teaching courses on the cross section of work and organization studies and urban studies. This means that you will participate in several sociology programs, particularly at the master’s level. Finally an important part of your job consists of supervising master’s theses. 

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