National ThinkTank 2022

Are you a Dutch masters or PhD student that directly wants to make societal impact after graduating? The National ThinkTank is recruiting new members for 2022! Together with twenty talented participants you will follow a 4 month programme – from the 15th of August till the 16th of December – in which you will do research into and find practical solutions for a current social issue. This year, the National… Read More »National ThinkTank 2022

Associate Professor in Political Science – University of Bergen

The univeristy of Bergen has an opening for a permanent position as Associate Professor, seeking academics with a PhD in political science / public administration or equivalent. Application deadline is the 21st of November. The Department covers political science, studies of public policy, public administration, democracy and participation, and an organizational approach to political institutions. Research at the department is organized in research groups.  Dedicated researchers, university supervisors and teachers… Read More »Associate Professor in Political Science – University of Bergen

Nieuwe podcast van de Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde

Nieuwe podcast! In de nieuwe aflevering van VB Boeken praat Henrico van Roekel met Denise de Ridder en Joram Feitsma (Universiteit Utrecht) over gedragsbestuurskunde. Samen duiden zij de rol van gedragswetenschap in overheidsbeleid, aan de hand van hun boeken over nudging en de ‘behavioural state’. Met uitweidingen over de RIVM corona-gedragsunit, wat vrijheid betekent, en het systeem versus de individu. Beluister snel! Spotify: Apple Podcasts:

PUPOL ECN On Tour: Leiden Leadership Centre

We are delighted to inform you about an interesting event, organized by the PUPOL Early Career Network coming up this month! The PUPOL Early Career Network aims to connect early career scholars in the domain of public and political leadership around the globe. PUPOL ECN On Tour: Leiden Leadership Centre (March 29 2021, 09.00-10.30AM (CEST) – MS Teams One of the objectives of the new PUPOL Early Career Network is… Read More »PUPOL ECN On Tour: Leiden Leadership Centre

Lund University offers a one-week PhD course entitled Critical Perspectives on Leadership

Making full use of the online format, this course features many contributions from experts in the field of leadership studies. Course lecturers include Dr. Bert Spector (Northeastern University), Prof. Dennis Tourish (University of Sussex), Prof. Jackie Ford (Durham University), Dr. Nicole Ferry (CBS), Dr. Nick Butler (Stockholm University), Prof. Sara Louise Muhr (CBS), Prof. Stefan Sveningsson (Lund), and Prof. Yiannis Gabriel (University of Bath).

The course is led by Dr. Sverre Spoelstra (Lund) and Prof. Dan Kärreman (CBS/Lund) and will take place online 19-23 April 2021. 

Further information can be found here

De Vereniging Bestuurskunde organiseert digitale bijeenkomst: Samenwerken als één overheid, wat betekent dit voor de publieke manager?

Samenwerken als één overheid, vanuit de maatschappelijke opgave. Het klinkt zo logisch. En goed. Wie wil dat nu niet? Recente rapporten wijzen ook allemaal op het nut en belang er van. Zo was er recent het
rapport van de Studiegroep Interbestuurlijke en Financiële Verhoudingen die voor de komende kabinetsformatie een reeks aanbevelingen formuleerde voor het samenwerken als één overheid. En op tal van plekken
worden deze geluiden opgepikt en overgenomen.

Het eerste Corona College door de Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde

Het eerste Corona College van de Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde staat online! In de eerste video: prof. Geerten Boogaard (UL) over de regionale aanpak van de coronacrisis. Lees hier meer over de coronacolleges. (The first COVID-lecture by the Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde is now online! In the first (Dutch) video prof. Geerten Boogaard (UL) speaks about the regional management of the coronacrisis. Read more about the COVID-lectures here.)

Workshop on Critical Discourse Analyses by NIG colloquiem CIPA

NIG colloquiem CIPA organizes a methodologically-oriented event on Critical Policy Discourse Analysis on Friday the 26th of March from 2 to 4.15 pm CET, with guest speakers Dr. Nicolina Montesano Montessori from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Dr. Mikko Poutanen from Tampere University.  Not so long ago (although it may feel like it by now), in 2019, Nicolina Montesano Montessori published the book ‘Critical Policy Discourse Analysis’ (CDPA) co-edited with Michael Farrelly and Jane… Read More »Workshop on Critical Discourse Analyses by NIG colloquiem CIPA

New online summer courses at the UvA!

The UvA offers many new online summer courses that might be of interest to you. We highlight two in particular: 

Political economy: To what extent does the economy determine the type of policies a government pursues? And how much sway over the economy does a government have? These classical political economy questions resonate today more loudly than ever before.

Multilateralism, Globalization and corporate diplomacy: Does climate crisis spell the end of human civilization or a chance for a major breakthrough in global cooperation and multilateralism? Is the resurgence of nativist attitudes a transient backlash or the dawn of the post-globalist era? Will mission-driven business dominate future markets or become yet another trite gimmick? With a focus on practice over theory, these are the types of questions participants in this two-week online course will ponder and discuss.