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Class of 2024

It is with great pleasure that we present the Class of 2024. Every year around 20 PhD-candidates from universities in the Netherlands and Belgium start with our PhD training program. Below the first PhD Candidates of the Class of 2024 introduce their PhD projects to you, throughout this year, more PhD candidates that join our training program will be featured on this page.

Jinke Oostvogel

Leiden University

My name is Jinke Oostvogel, and I am a PhD candidate at the institute of Public Administration at Leiden University. My research is part of the AI4MRI-lab in the ROBUST program on Trustworthy AI-based Systems for Sustainable Growth. I will be focussing on the implementation of AI in healthcare practice.

Silke Herms

Leiden University

I am a PhD candidate at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University. My research focuses on the effect of polarization on bureaucratic responsiveness and quality of governance. I will be looking at the ways in which political pressure and political decision-making affect the relationship between polarization and responsiveness. This project is in collaboration with the Province of South Holland and is therefore also intended to provide policy makers with tools to use political-administrative dynamics to make themselves more resilient to political polarization and thereby improve the quality of policy.