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Comparative Public administration

September 22 – September 24 2021 

Pirmin Bundi (IDHEAP Université de Lausanne) 
Sabine Kuhlmann
(University of Potsdam) 
Le-Anh Nguyen Long
(Twente University) 
Isabella Proeller (
University of Potsdam)

Course fees

  • Free for NIG members
  • 500,- for non-members from an NIG member institution
  • 750,- for third parties

The workshop introduces doctoral students to different types of comparative research in public administration, both in a theoretical and in a methodological perspective as well as in terms of results. Comparative research broadens the knowledge and understanding of different politico-administrative systems, leads to a less parochial perspective, and makes research more attractive to the international community of scholars. Moreover, comparative analysis allows for developing/testing the origins and/or the effects of particular politico-administrative phenomena (e.g. institutions, processes and policies). Eventually, such analyses provide a basis for policy changes and institutional reforms recommendations.

The lecturers will give an introduction in comparative research and present their own ongoing projects. The students are invited to present their PhD projects in an international comparative perspective and to take part in self-organized sessions on specific topics. Site visits in Lausanne will be organized. The course manual from last year can be found here (a current version will follow this spring). 

For NIG PhD members who have participated in multiple courses in the program, financial support for travel and accommodation may be available. Please consult the NIG office for more details.