Course update – Take the Lead

Due to covid-19, we have had to redesign the NIG elective “Take the Lead”. The course is given by prof. Karin Lasthuizen from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand who is unfortunately unable to travel in the current situation. The solution has been to design an online alternative course on the same subject and by the same teacher yet in a different format and with different dates.

This new course combines an existing and globally popular MOOC (massive open online course) on ethical leadership with a designated online NIG-specific addendum by prof. Lasthuizen. This online alternative thus, obviously yet unfortunately, does not offer the same opportunities for face to face interactions and discussions as traditional in-class teaching. However, it offers at least the same (if not more) substantive input to participants. It is also much more flexible and participants can mostly choose when to participate over a longer stretch of time, which could make the course accessible to more PhD candidates. From NIG’s perspective it is also an interesting pilot: if this type of course works then this opens up further opportunities for elective courses.

The proof of the pudding will be whether this redesigned NIG elective will be found relevant and interesting by the PhD candidates.

Click here for the updated course manual.