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Lockdown protocol for NIG Courses

We apply a standard protocol to deal with potential closures of the buildings where we offer our courses, due to Covid restrictions. This protocol makes it clear what our procedures are and what you can expect as a participant.

The most important principles include: our courses are on-site (in person) whenever possible and safe. If an on-site option is not possible, we turn to online courses. We avoid hybrid options. We strive to make individual adaptations to maintain accessibility of our course offerings.

We will, therefore, schedule all courses on-site for 2023. We may change the venue, if more distance (and, therefore, space) is needed and not available in the original venue. In case of closure of higher education, we will reschedule our courses and go online. We expect all participants to attend on-site courses in person.

Should this protocol lead to a disproportionate barrier to partake in individual cases, we will try to design a solution on a case-by-case basis.