NIG Management

The NIG management is currently located at Utrecht University. The management team is responsible for daily management of NIG and aims to further develop NIG, together with all partners.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schillemans

Scientific Director

I am the scientific director of NIG and professor in public governance at Utrecht University. I believe that NIG offers a unique network to younger and more senior researchers, incorporating almost all political science and public Administration departments in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Dr. Noortje de Boer

Managing Director

I am the managing director responsible for NIG’s research and communication. I am also assistant professor in public management at Utrecht University. I believe NIG is strongly positioned to connect likeminded researchers with each other which, in the end, benefits the quality of our academic field as whole.

Dr. Sjors Overman

Managing Director

As managing director, I am responsible for the course curriculum that NIG offers. I am an assistant professor in public governance at Utrecht University. It is my ambition to further the strength of our disciplines by providing optimal support and training for our PhD candidates.

Esther Verheijen

Office Manager

I am the office manager of NIG and work at the board secretariat of Utrecht School of Governance. I offer practical support in all kinds of matters concerning our education, our annual conference, supporting the staff and I am the first point of contact for anyone who would like to receive more information or has any questions.

Tara Tankink


I am the student-assistant of the NIG managing team. Currently, I am a masterstudent of Research in Public Administration and Organizational Science. I offer technical and administrative support to the NIG team, and am involved with several ongoing (research) projects behind the scenes.