NIG Writing Week 2023

The NIG Writing Week 8 – 12 October

All academics write. Writing skills are crucial to academic success and to the completion of research, including a PhD. Finding time for writing, however, and making that time effective, is not always easy. While a PhD candidate will have many years of substantive training and will know loads of things about loads of things when (s)he graduates, formal training in writing and real reflection on the craft of writing can be scarce. As with all skills, writing skills will certainly develop with reflection, training and focused attention. To this end, the NIG writing week aims to create a stimulating setting where it is all about the writing itself (and not the subject of that writing). Participants will live and work for one week in a former monastery where they can write, engage in structured peer-review on writing and can follow writing workshops. Through its format, the writing week also contributes to the strength of research networks.

How does it work?

The 2023 NIG writing week will be held in a former monastery, Samaya, near Utrecht. Participants stay for a week to write and participate in workshops. All participants submit a writing plan for the week. This can be very short and simple, one page max, bullets allowed.

There are two ideal-typical routes through the program. For some it can be a writing week sec, mostly focused on writing. It can also be a writing workshop week, mostly focused on feedback and workshops.

Substantively we offer

  • A joint opening- and a joint closing session
  • Focused time for writing in a stimulating, secluded environment
  • A structured peer-feedback process on writing
  • Three half-day writing workshops in which participants can enroll.


Practically we offer

  • Full board from lunch on day 1 until lunch on day 5.
  • Water, coffee, tea etc. throughout the day. Drinks in the evening are not included.
  • All participants have their own bedroom, in some cases with shared bathrooms or entrances.
  • Transportation from and to Utrecht central station at set times
  • There are several locations where people can write:
    • a bigger conference room, set up as in a library
    • a coffee corner with seats
    • a living room with seats
    • several smaller seating areas in the corridors (it is a patio-style building)
    • a large garden where people can write, good weather provided
    • most bedrooms offer small desks– these will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.


The personal contribution for this event is €75.00 which is non-refunadable. 

The Writing Week is open to junior academics, with a priority to NIG PhD members. NIG PhD members can apply with priority until June 1st. After this, senior NIG members –  who defended their thesis between 2019-2022 – and PhD candidates from partner universities will have the opportunity to apply.  

Note: We can accomodate 15-25 participants only.