Nominate your supervisor for the NIG supervisor of the year award!

We are excited to announce that on November 17-18th, during the annual NIG work conference, we will celebrate the NIG Supervisor of the Year 2021. Here, we explain what it is and why we need your help.

While ‘good supervisors’ come in all shapes and sizes, most PhD candidates agree that the relation with their supervisor is of pivotal importance for a successful research project. We believe that good supervision deserves regular attention and celebration. This initiative aims at putting good and motivated supervisors in the limelight and highlighting the importance of inspiring, tailor-made guidance.

There are many facets to a good supervisor. A good supervisor could be someone who guides and supports you throughout your project and helps you finish your dissertation on time. They could be the one with whom you have interesting and in-depth discussions about your topic, or who provides you with valuable and timely feedback. Your supervisor could be the one who provides solid advice in the face of challenges and uncertainties, who shows you the ropes of academia, is eager to introduce you to their networks and much more. However, most importantly, a good supervisor realizes the unique character of your research project and adapts supervision to your personal needs. With the pandemic not yet behind us, these supervisor traits have become all the more crucial.

Nominate Your Supervisor!

So, now we need your help. We are looking for nominations of supervisors that deserve some appreciation. We would love to hear what you value in the way you are currently being supervised. The NIG Supervisor of the Year is not a contest with winners and losers. Our field has enough competition as it is. Rather, we see it as an opportunity to appreciate good supervision practices and celebrate them for what they do. Therefore, do no not feel discouraged to nominate your supervisor(s) when you are unsure that they are THE best supervisor(s) out there. So, if you feel your supervisor could do with some proper cheering-on, or their qualities need a bigger stage:

Please nominate your supervisor before Friday 29th October with a brief outline of what you value in your supervisor(s) and why they deserve to be celebrated. We accept both nominations for individuals and teams of supervisors. Please illustrate your nomination with an example of a situation that shows the qualities and efforts of your supervisor(s). The format for your nomination can be either essay style or bullet points (max 1 A4 page).

We are excited to hear to from you!

Best regards,

The NIG PhD-council,

  • Bernard Bernards (Leiden University)
  • Erik-Jan van Dorp (Utrecht University)
  • Sanaz Honarmandebrahimi (Twente University)
  • Rik Joosen (Erasmus University)
  • Evelijn Martinius (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Lars Stevenson (Radboud University
  • Steven de Vadder (Universityof Antwerp)
  • Simone van de Wetering (Tilburg University)