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The Netherlands Institute of Governance (NIG) is a joint research school of 12 universities offering PhD-courses and a research network. NIG has 9 full member universities and 4 associated member universities. 

NIG offers high quality courses for PhD candidates in public administration and political science. Additionally, NIG is part of the research infrastructure in our fields connecting younger and more senior scholars in the Netherlands and Flanders. NIG’s partnership strategy stimulates collaboration and formal partnerships with others where this contributes to shared goals: high-level PhD-education and a vibrant research infrastructure.

Full member universities



Associated member Universities




NIG currently has four partnership agreements.

Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde

NIG collaborates with the VB in connecting scholars from the Netherlands and Flanders in order to strengthen academic networks and to stimulate societal impact

Public Note

NIG supports Public Note, a Journal for young researchers by young researchers. Public Note offers a platform for young researchers (BA-, MA-, PhD-students) to take their first steps in the world of academic publishing and makes sure valuable (creative) academic work does not get lost.

Research Master in Public Administration and Organisational Science

NIG collaborates with this inter-university research master program, offering limited access to advanced elective courses for research master students and limited access to good methods courses for PhD candidates

Additionally, NIG collaborates or has collaborated with other partners in organizing panels, conferences, summer schools or courses for PhD candidates.

Among those partners are the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM), the University of Lausanne, the University of Potsdam and the Euroloc summer courses