PhD vacancy on Political Integrity in Wellington NZ

How often are politicians involved in an integrity scandal, and accused of integrity violations in the media; what types of violations and which political parties were involved; has the allegations been investigated and what were the consequences of the political integrity scandal?

These questions are at the heart of the PhD project that is part of a wider research project team at the Wellington School of Business and Government that will release an annual Political Integrity Index for New Zealand from 2022 onwards. The PhD candidate will be responsible for the intensive media search and additional investigations and systematically categorise (alleged) integrity violations of politicians according to a typology of integrity violations, including corruption and fraud, conflicts of (financial) interest, misuse of information, abuse of authority, interpersonal deviance (e.g. bullying, harassment) and private time misconduct. The New Zealand research will follow the methodology of and collaborate with the Dutch team (Prof Leo Huberts Prof Muel Kaptein and Bart de Koning) that publishes the Political Integrity Index for the Netherlands since 2013.

The intended PhD research focuses on political integrity in New Zealand, in which it could focus in particular on conflicts of (financial) interests of politicians and undue influence in political affairs, and/or political accountability and transparency. Comparative research, for example between national and local political level, or between countries may be part of the research.

The scholarship is open to appropriately qualified domestic and international applicants. Deadline for applications is 1 July 2022.

Proposed start of the PhD research is 1 September 2022 and the candidate will be based at the School of Management, Wellington School of Business and Government, Wellington, New Zealand:

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Professor Karin Lasthuizen

Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership I Aritahi