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Politics of the Low Countries journal is looking for input!

Politics of the Low Countries (PLC) is the official journal of the Flemish (VPW), Francophone (ABSP) and Luxembourg (LuxPol) political science associations in cooperation with the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP). The journal has a comprehensive scope, embracing all the major political developments in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. PLC publishes articles from a wide variety of methodological perspectives and on a broad range of topics such as political behaviour, political parties, political communication, parliamentary studies, public administration, political philosophy and even EU- and international politics. All these areas of study are considered in relation to Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg. Either as specific case studies or as part of comparative research.

The journal Politics of the Low Countries is seeking input for two sections: 

  • PhD review: Recent PhD graduates are given the opportunity to present their research (see also appendix). 
  • Literature review: an overview of the most important scientific publications/insights around a particular political science/governance topic. In the past, for example, they had a literature review on compulsory attendance and one on referendums.If you are interested in submitting a literature review please contact:  Julien Van Ostaaijen / Stefanie Beyens