Public Note is looking for new editors!

Dear NIG student,

Did you hear about Public Note? Public Note ( is an online journal for and by early career scholars in the field of public administration, political science and social sciences that focus on public problems, supported by The Netherlands Institute of Governance (NIG). The journal publishes scientific articles (peer reviewed by PhD students) and popular articles for a broad public.

The most recent edition is a collection of short papers that are based on the NIG Classics papers, so check it out on our website for inspiration, and it might be interesting for you to publish your paper of this course as well!

Also, Public Note is looking for new board members! I was one of the founders in 2015, and from my experience, joining the board of Public Note is a great opportunity to learn about how to run a journal, to get familiar with editorial work, facilitate learning processes of young scholars with writing scientific articles, dealing with reviews and writing popular, accessible articles about science (we had articles with poems, a podcast, infographic), and contribute to our mission: provide a platform for young researchers to share their knowledge with society. Lastly, there are many possibilities in developing Public Note, e.g. in collaboration with the NIG, so innovative and entrepreneurial spirits are very welcome.

The website is in Dutch, but this could be changed in the future as the journal already publishes articles both in Dutch and English, so this call also applies for non-Dutch people.

Are you interested in joining the board, or do you know a colleague, student or alumni that might be interested? Check out the vacancy on our website (, feel free to email me with questions or forward this email to others! 

Kind regards,
Yvonne La Grouw (