Recognition & Rewards in public administration & political science

With an introduction by Paul Boselie (Utrecht University)…

… responses from Caroline Fischer (University of Twente), Glenn Houtgraaf (Radboud University) and Rianne Warsen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) …

… chaired by Thomas Schillemans (scientific director NIG)

Under the banner of recognition and rewards, Dutch universities aim to re-balance how academic skills, talents and tasks are recognized, rewarded and are developed.

The general idea is that higher education policies in the past years have had an over-focus on research-only, which was also expressed in an over-reliance on crude quantitative measures in effect stimulating scholars to publish as much and as ‘high’ as possible, only. In response to that, recognition and rewards discussion aims to contribute to a more balanced perspective, with more diverse career paths, and attention for all relevant aspects of academic work.

This open NIG-panel looks at this discussion from the angle of earlier career academics (PhDs, post docs, starting assistant professors) in our fields. Does this feel like changing horses midstream? How do they perceive this development? What specific concerns or issues call for attention? What could our universities or our disciplines do to smoothen and stimulate this transition?