Research Colloquia

NIG is a vibrant research network with numerous research colloquia.

NIG stimulates, facilitates, and assists the scientific development of the public administration and political sciences through our research colloquia. In this way, we contribute to the high quality standards in our fields of science.

Our research colloquia provide NIG members with a ready-made network, offering information plus organizational and financial support for targeted, high quality research activities.     

NIG provides research colloquia with organizational and financial support for targeted, high quality activities.

Research colloquia are based on a joint interest of NIG PhD- Candidates and NIG senior members, from different member universities, in a similar topic or field.

Colloquia are headed by two senior members, who organize meetings on a regular basis. These meetings can have different purposes.

During some meetings, PhD-Candidates and senior members present and discuss their research, learn from guest speakers or exchange theoretical- and mythological knowledge. The research group chairs decide whether the content of the meetings is appropriate. As long as it furthers the research theme of their colloquia, anything is possible.

Some research colloquia also have a product oriented focus; the members of a research colloquia can, for example, decide to carry out research together, or write a form of publication together (book, article, paper, special issue)

Joining a research group may give you one of several benefits:

  1. It gives you a ready-made network in your field of expertise.
  2. It allows you to expand your research network by connecting with like-minded individuals, both junior and senior.
  3. It provides you the opportunity to get feedback from – and give feedback to other academics and learn from each other.
  4. It helps you produce useful output, which fits with your interest and expertise.

We are excited to announce a call for funding for five new NIG research colloquia. We want to expand our colloquia so they represent the diverse themes in our field.

Colloquia are research networks consisting of NIG members of varying universities and seniority that share a common interest in a substantive topic or approach. Colloquia can be aimed at (1) advancing a central research theme (such as our existing Multilevel Local Democracy); (2) advancing a tradition (such as Critical and Interpretive Public Administration); or (3) any other out-of-the-box application (such as a network of mid-level career academics) or a combination of (1), (2) and/or (3). Colloquia must facilitate exchange between junior and senior scholars. Colloquia are free to organize activities as they see fit such as, for instance, joint research activities or hosting guest lectures.

We offer:

  1. Financial support of 5.000 euros to host suitable activities.
  2. We offer funding for 5 new colloquia.
  3. Our advisory council and board will decide which colloquia are eligible for funding based on the six criteria indicated below.


Application criteria

Proposals for a colloquium must include the following elements:

  1. Chairs
  • Colloquium must include at least 3 chairs.
  • At least 2 chairs must be ‘senior’, meaning: having obtained their PhD.
  • Chairs must be diverse (e.g. institution, gender, rank, etc.)
  1. A list of targeted participants
    • Participants must be diverse (e.g. institution, gender, rank, etc.)  
  2. An objective including the aim of the colloquium [max. 250 words]
  3. An outline of the research agenda [max. 400 words]
  4. A list of proposed activities [max. 250 words] including:
    • The duration of the proposed colloquium
    • The frequency of activities
    • A brief explanation how the activities ensure the achievement of the objective [see 3]
  5. A note on expected output [max. 250 words]

Deadline is Monday January 31st.

For applications, please fill out the application form which can be found here

Send the application form to Esther Verheijen