Thankyou Twente University

On the day of the first virtual Annual Conference of the Netherlands Institute of Governance (NIG) we want to thank former scientific director prof Bas Denters, former office manager Seeta Autar, and the entire team at Twente University for an impressive seven years of leadership and service to the public administration and political science community.

We wanted to meet Bas Denters and Seeta Autar in person in order to give them a proper thank you for everything they have done and built over the past years. Unfortunately, the corona-crisis prevented us from doing so. Therefore, a virtual session was hosted where we surprised them with a video message of about 30 NIG-ers who directly spoke to them and shared the impact the NIG generally and the directorate personally had on their academic lives.

You can watch some of these personal messages here: 

Thankyou Bas!

Thankyou Seeta!