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Vacancy University of Antwerp: 5 positions (phd / postdoc) on regulatory policy and trust as condition

The GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence and the research groups Politics & Public Governance and Government & Law at the University of Antwerp are jointly looking to hire 5 new team members or a four year-project on design and effects of alternative regulatory policies and the role of trust as condition.


=> Find out more about the project and vacancies below.

Apply by October 5th, 2023!

We are looking to hire five team members to join our new GOBAREG project team, which will involve in total 6 professors, a postdoc, a valorisation manager, and four PhD researchers. The successful applicants will conduct research within the project ‘Legitimate Alternative Regulation in Regulatory Regimes’ (GOBAREG). The GOBAREG project studies how alternative forms of policy and regulation in the environmental and care sector, aiming for more sustainability and quality, can be designed and implemented in a legitimate way. These alternative forms of policy and regulation seek to enhance innovation and reduce compliance costs, while protecting citizens from harm. 

More specifically, the project zooms in on the following questions. How are citizens, private organisations, as well as politicians, civil servants, supervisory authorities, and judges shaping and interpreting these policies and regulations, and how is their behaviour influenced by them? To what extent do these alternative forms of regulation stimulate innovation and flexibility, while still ensuring compliance? And how does trust between all these actors play a role in this as condition? 

GOBAREG applies an innovative interdisciplinary, mixed-method design, including surveys, interviews, behavioural experiments, focus groups, and observation studies in two in-depth case studies of social regulation (in the fields of environment and welfare). 

The project is a collaboration between different disciplines (political science, public administration, law and law & Economics) at the University of Antwerp and Hasselt University and has a strong valorisation element, involving close collaboration with a broad array of stakeholders. 

  • 3 PhD researchers (1 PhD researcher Faculty of Law2 PhD researchers Faculty of Social Sciences) – In consultation with the project promoters, and considering the background and preferences of the candidates, each of the hired PhD researchers will work on a specific focus area within the project, including the way different stakeholders shape and interpret policies and regulations and the abilities of government actors to govern these policy fields.
  • Postdoc researcher-coordinator – The postdoc researcher-coordinator will conduct research and help coordinate research within the project.
  • Valorisation coordinator – The valorisation coordinator is responsible for coordination with the various stakeholders, and valorisation partners, regarding the further valorisation of the research results. Valorisation does not only entail communication, dissemination and outreach activities, but also developing – together with the research team – guidelines, training activities and tools, supporting the stakeholders which seeks to employ these alternative forms of regulation.