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Winners of the VB Essay Competition Announced!

During the 50th anniversary event of the VB, The winners of the essay competition were announced. The winner in the student category is Lucy van Eck, student of the Research Master’s in Public Administration and Organization Studies at Utrecht University. And the winner in the young scientists category is Bram Verhulst, PhD candidate in Public Administration and Political Science at VU University Amsterdam.


Jury Report Bram Verhulst

Bram is praised by the jury for the way in which he manages to convey such a positive message in his critical reflection. The jury calls his essay provocative. His essay has added value for both science and practice, because his reflection evokes beautiful reflections for both groups. In connection with this, the jury finds it strong that its reflections not only focus on the content of public administration as a discipline, but on the academic world in a broad sense and the people within it. It gives science a human face and addresses issues that many scientists struggle with and that programs such as ‘recognition & appreciation’, for example, are trying to change. The essay testifies to public administration expertise. The winner wrote an essay entitled: ‘The struggle for academic existence. Towards a constructive administration’.


Jury Report Lucy van Eck

Lucy has an original and innovative view of a highly topical theme in public administration. The jury appreciates her personal reflections on her place as a student within the public administration discipline. The jury thinks it is beautiful and strong how the subject is positioned as a social task instead of an issue for public administration. The essay contains original and playful recommendations to bring back the perspective of ‘the publics’ (those who experience and articulate the issue) in social issues and thus the public administration discipline in a way that is relevant to both science and practice. Lucy wrote an essay entitled: ‘Giving the public good: How public administration can make an impactful contribution to digitization issues by collaborating with publics and adopting an imaginative view’.