Workshop on Critical Discourse Analyses by NIG colloquiem CIPA

NIG colloquiem CIPA organizes a methodologically-oriented event on Critical Policy Discourse Analysis on Friday the 26th of March from 2 to 4.15 pm CET, with guest speakers Dr. Nicolina Montesano Montessori from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Dr. Mikko Poutanen from Tampere University. 

Not so long ago (although it may feel like it by now), in 2019, Nicolina Montesano Montessori published the book ‘Critical Policy Discourse Analysis’ (CDPA) co-edited with Michael Farrelly and Jane Mulderrig. This book would seem to be of great interest to our CIPA-community, as it has been the first to connect the method of discourse analysis to the field of critical policy studies in a systematic way (for more info about the book, please see Therefore, for our next event we take the recent publication of the book as a starting point to learn more about how to employ discursive methodology in critical policy research.

During this event, Nicolina Montesano Montessori will first introduce her book while taking us along in some of the basic ideas behind CDPA. Then, we will zoom in on the question of how to actually apply this method in particular research projects and lessons learned from that. This part is guided by our second guest speaker Mikko Poutanen, who has written one of the chapters in the book. There will be ample time as well for Q&A and small group discussion, exploring possible research ideas involving CDPA.

The event will (most likely) be held online given the current COVID-19 circumstances. If you want to join you can sign up by sending an email to before 26 February 2021. More information and a link to the online meeting will be shared later.