NIG Annual conference 2023

NIG Annual Work Conference 2023 @ Delft University

We are happy to announce that this year’s Annual Working Conference will be hosted at Delft University of Technology. The conference will take place on November 2 & 3 at the TU Delft campus.

The call for panels is now open!

We invite the public administration and political science community in the Netherlands, Flanders, and abroad to contribute to the NIG 2023 Annual Work Conference by submitting proposals for panels.
The deadline for submission is May 14th.

Panel proposal topics and requirements

We welcome cutting edge panels on key themes and research areas in the disciplines of public administration and political science. Panels proposals have to meet the following requirements:

  • A description of the proposed theme for the panel (max. 1000 words in English)
  • The type of papers (and topics) you expect to be submitted to your panel.
  • A tentative list of senior members who will be invited for submitting a paper. Note: NIG wants to stimulate the participation of its senior members (either as a paper presenter or discussant) and the participation of senior members is, therefore, an important condition for the acceptance of proposals.
  • There should be at least two organizers (one of them preferably being a senior member) from two different institutions for a panel. The proposal should mention the names, affiliations and address information. Mention all organizers in the proposal.
  • The panel proposal form should be used to format panel proposals.
  • Please beware that time preferences can no longer be taken into account. 

Panel proposals will have to attract at least four papers to be eligible for a session on their own.

NIG will advertise your proposals, and you should also actively invite authors yourself. Please consult the NIG office before inviting non-NIG members.

Evaluation of the proposals

Panel proposals will be evaluated by the NIG management. Accepted proposals will be coordinated by the chairs/moderators of the panel.

Process and key deadlines

Panel proposals should be submitted through our NIG office manager Esther Verheijen via

  • The title of the e-mail should include the name of the panel.
  • The panel proposal form should be included as an attachment in pdf.
  • All abstracts should be sent to NIG and will be published on our website. Full papers can be sent directly to panel chairs. 

For questions do not hesitate to contact us via

Conference fees

The conference fees for our 2023 conference depend on your affiliation with NIG.

  • The conference is free for people who are a NIG member. If you are a NIG member, you do not have to fill out the invoice information on the registration form.
  • The conference costs 175,- euros for people employed by a NIG member university. All member universities can be found here. 
  • The conference costs 225,- euros for people not employed by a NIG member university


Are you unsure whether you are a member? E-mail us