NIG PhD-Council

The PhD council is representing PhDs that join the NIG program. The Council consists of PhDs from all member universities, acting as local representatives. Its activities include: an annual Supervisor of the Year Award, advising the NIG Board on all issues, polling members on current issues, and events for PhDs. Email the PhD-Council via 

Wouter Lammers

KU Leuven

Chair PhD-Council

Lars Stevenson

Radboud university nijmegen

Simone van de wetering

Tilburg university

Joëlle van der Meer

Erasmus university rotterdam

Moniek Akerboom

Leiden university

Jelle Turkenburg

University of Twente

Steven de vadder

University of antwerp

Benjamin Leidorf-Tidå

VU university of Amsterdam

Krista Ettlinger

Utrecht University