You can join NIG in 4 ways by applying below, each with their own benefits

1. A PhD or senior membership, Becoming a full member gives you access to all we have to offer. You can sign-up for all our courses (more here), get a free admission to our annual conference (more here) and can join any research colloquia you want (more here). A membership is based on a one-time all inclusive fee (more here).

2. PhD courses. You can also follow one of the many recurring courses in our core progam or sign up for one of our one-time topical-courses (more here). If you are a full member, all courses are free of charge. If you are not, you pay a fee per course you sign up for (more here)

3. Annual work conference. Our annual conference is popular with around 100-150 participants each year (more here). During this conference senior and junior academics meet, exchange ideas and form lasting connections. If you are a full member the conference is free to attend. If you are not, you pay a fee per conference (more here).

4. Research colloquia. We also offer a vibrant research network with 6 existing research colloquia. These colloquia operate separately and host panels, meetings, workshops, write papers together and more (more here). You have to be a full member to join. Is there no interesting research network for you? Contact us and we can tell you how you can start your own (more here).