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Public and political leadership (PUPOL)

This colloquium is being renewed at the end of this year.

The Public and Political Leadership (PUPOL) colloquium was founded in 2012 by Dr Sabina Stiller and Dr Karin Lasthuizen. Since then, PUPOL has grown into a vibrant Dutch network of almost 50 scholars interested in and working on leadership in Public Administration and Political Science. Through the annual NIG panel, meetings and conferences, the network enables members to receive comments on their work – from early draft to ready to be submitted papers. In doing so, we also take a closer look at what leadership research has achieved so far and discuss the possibilities and necessity for conceptual and methodological innovations in the field. Following the initiation of a PUPOL international network, in the coming years the colloquium is looking to explore opportunities for further international collaboration between leadership scholars.  

The objective of the colloquium is to bring together NIG researchers from various substantive, disciplinary and methodological backgrounds, both junior and senior, around new and developing avenues in leadership research in order to stimulate reflection on the state-of-the-art and facilitate co-authored (journal) publications and joint research proposals.


University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labour Studies
P.O. Box 94025
1090 GA Amsterdam
The Netherlands


University of Utrecht
Utrecht School of Governance 
Bijlhouwerstraat 6
3511 ZC Utrecht 
The Netherlands


University of Wellington
School of Management – Victoria Business School 
P.O. Box 600
Wellington 6140
New Zealand