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The NIG Annual Work Conference

Every year, NIG hosts an annual work conference. The annual conference is one of the most prominent conferences in our field. Our conference attracts 200+ participants each year.

During this conference senior and junior academics meet, exchange ideas and form lasting connections. Connecting senior and junior academics is stimulating to the further scientific development of the administrative and political sciences, so that it meets up with the highest international quality standards in our fields of science. The conference also provides new NIG members the possibility to meet the ready-made NIG-network to discuss key issues. 

The Annual conference is a place to meet, connect, discuss and inspire. It is an event that is enjoyed much by its participants each year, where interesting panels are hosted by great minds and amazing work is presented and discussed by many of those in the NIG-network.

NIG members (PhD or senior) participate for free in the conference. Non-members from member institutes pay a fee for the two-day, inclusive conference (175,-). Scholars from other universities can also participate for a fee (225,-).