Course schedule



Formulating and answering research questions (5EC)
Registration deadline: 17-12-2020
Instructors: Merlijn van Hulst (Tilburg University), Dimiter Toshkov (Leiden University)
Date: 8-12 February 2021 
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Classics in Public Administration (4EC)
Instructors: Duco Bannink (VU University), Willem Trommel (VU University), Jelle van Baardewijk (VU University)
Date: fall 2021 

Integrity and responsibility in research and advice (4EC)
Instructors: Berry Tholen (Radboud University), Patrick Overeem
Date: 14-17 June 2021
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Getting it published (1EC)
Instructor: Zeger van der Wal (Leiden University)
Date: 31 May 2021
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Data Management (1EC)
To obtain the NIG diploma, participants must follow a course that covers at least 1 EC equivalent on data management. A course on data management may be taken at the local university and will be recognized by NIG. A course on research design or other subjects may cover data management to a sufficient extent. Please consult with the NIG office to verify eligibility of a course.

Collaborative Governance for Innovation (3EC)
Instructors: Eva Sørensen, Jacob Torfing & Lieselot Vandenbussche
Date: 13-15 April 2021
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Network Governance (3EC)
Instructors: Erik Hans Klijn & Jenny Lewis
Date: Bi-annual course, scheduled in 2022

Take the Lead (4EC)
Instructor: Karin Lasthuizen
Date: Fall 2021

Summer pop-up course on current events (3EC)
Instructors: to be announced
Date: Summer 2021

Behavioral Public Administration
Instructors: to be announced
Date: to be announced 

Governance in a Glocal Society
Instructors: to be announced
Date: to be announced

For NIG PhD members who take the full program, no additional charges apply for a limited number of places in the UU/EUR/UvT/VU Research Master Public Administration and Organisational Science. Per course, a maximum of two participants can be accommodated. Application deadlines are the first of january for courses in the spring semester and the first of july for courses in the fall semester. 

Low control designs: field research (9EC)
Instructor: Noortje van Amsterdam (Utrecht University)
Date: Fall 2021 (period 1)

Data Analyses: from notes to stories (6EC)
Instructor: Merlijn van Hulst (Tilburg University)
Date: Fall 2021 (period 2)

Data Analyses: from numbers to stories (6EC)
Instructor: Sjors Overman (Utrecht University)
Date: Spring 2021 (period 3)

High control designs: experiments and surveys (9EC)
Instructors: Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen (Utrecht University), Noor de Boer (Utrecht University)
Date: Spring 2021 (period 4)

These courses are not provided by NIG and additional charges may apply. NIG reimburses a part of the course fees for PhD members who take the full program, and who have participated in three core curriculum courses, subject to conditions.

NIG applied research and consultancy internship

We offer a new flexible, applied research and consultancy internship program, together with a range of partners (confirmed now are Anderson Elffers Felix, Nautus, OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, Significant; one or two more partners are expected) The application deadline is halfway February 2021. Read more about the possibilities here

Professional academic skills 

NIG can credit non-courses which help you develop general professional academic skills such as organizing panels, editing journals and organizing public impact events, up to a max of 7.5EC. Read more about the possibilities here