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Getting it Published

Short summary: Investing time and energy in conducting excellent research makes no sense if you can’t get it published. This workshop adopts a very hands-on approach towards the publication process and provides you with many tips and tricks and rich personal experiences from the instructor. We will cover all aspects of the publication process, including writing, reviewing, revising, and outlet targeting. ‘Getting it published’ is a skill that can learned and trained, and involves strategic and political considerations as much as quality management.

15-16 May, 2024

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Utrecht School of Governance Utrecht University
Bijlhouwerstraat 6-8 
3511 ZC Utrecht

Zeger van der Wal (Leiden University) 

Sarah de Lange (University of Amsterdam)

Course fees

  • Free for NIG members
  • 100,- for non-members from an NIG member institution
  • 150,- for third parties

During the workshop, we will discuss:

  1. How to make a viable and dynamic publication plan, especially related to your PhD research
  2. How to target different types of outlets – (national/international) journals, books/book chapters, professional publications, op-eds, etc.
  3. How to decide which journal ‘matters most’ to you, given your topic, peer group, career plans, rankings and ratings, and expectations 
  4. How to deal with the review process as an author
  5. How to deal with the review process as a reviewer
  6. How to develop a strategy that maximizes the chance of getting your work published
  7. How to design your PhD writing process more efficiently by approaching it from a “getting it published” angle
  8. How to survive within the prevalent “publish or perish” culture while focusing on the quality and content of your research