Research colloquia are based on a joint interest of PhD students and senior members, from different member universities, in a similar topic or field. Colloquia are headed by two senior members, who organize meetings on a regular basis (on average twice a year). During these meetings PhD students and senior members present and discuss their research.

Next to this feedback function, colloquia also have a product oriented focus; the members of a colloquium can, for example, decide to carry out research together, or write a form of publication together (book, article, paper, special issue).

In sum, colloquia serve three main functions:

  • To expand the network of researchers in similar fields of interest;
  • To offer feedback to PhD students and young researchers on their work; and
  • To produce useful output, which fits with the NIG research program. The NIG directorate supports the convenors of the colloquia, financially and otherwise.

Overview of colloquia