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NIG directorate

In addition to recognizing courses, we also value special activities that contribute to the professional and scientific development of doctoral candidates with credits. The maximum for these activities is 7.5 ECTS. To be eligible for credit recognition, some form of assessment is required. The starting point is that a reflective report is written after the relevant activity. The requirements for this reflective report are determined by the NIG (Netherlands Institute of Government) directorate. Assessment is carried out by the NIG directorate. Each component mentioned below is eligible for credit recognition only once per participant. Specifically, we consider:

A. Organization of a conference panel
Organizing a panel with a minimum of 4 participating presentations at an (inter)national scientific conference, including the NIG annual work conference.
Assessment: portfolio and report.
Recognition: 2 ECTS

B. Leading or establishing an NIG colloquium
Establishing or leading an NIG colloquium for a minimum of 1 year.
Assessment: portfolio of colloquium activities and reflective report.
Recognition: 2 ECTS.

C. Organization of relevant scientific activities
Including: co-organizing a scientific conference, editorial board membership for a (semi-)scientific journal, including a Public Note.
Assessment: reflective report.
Recognition: maximum 2 ECTS.

D. Organization of relevant impact activities
Including: organizing a training or dissemination activity with professionals, maintaining a blog or vlog (at least 4 episodes).
Assessment: reflective report.
Recognition: maximum 2 ECTS.

E. Internship at a (public) organization
Specifically intended for doctoral candidates employed by the university (not for part-time doctoral candidates already working alongside their PhD).
Assessment: reflective report.
Recognition: proportional to hours worked, with a maximum of 5 ECTS.